“Negotiation” is a Teachable Skill

Looking for a Speaker To Captivate Your Audience
With What An Top Negotiator Can Accomplish?

This short Video clip should give you enough insight into Chris Lang’s style, and what he is able to deliver — by way of an entertaining address.

Depending upon your particular needs, these presentations could range from … a life-skill briefing for year-12 students … or a lunchtime talk … or a Keynote Address … right through to an interactive Workshop, for the entire day.

Addressing a full-day Workshop
Speaking at a full-day “Closed Door” Workshop for Clients

And so, if you are looking for an experienced speaker on key topics such as … Negotiating, Goal Setting, Commercial Property Investing or Web Marketing … simply get in touch with Chris (on 0425 791 254) — where you will be able to make arrangements directly with him, and progress things to the next stage.


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